How to be a Zombie

Mmm.. brains!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a zombie? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to re-enact your favourite scenes from Shaun of the Dead?

Well, let me tell you, it’s not easy being a zombie…

Zombies get a bad wrap for being brainless, lethargic victims of a bio-hazard, but it’s not easy being un-dead in the 21st century. For one thing, growling takes a hard toll on your vocal cords! You also get people trying to shoot at you just for wanting a little taste of your flesh… Go on! Just a little nibble.

But jokes aside, if you’ve ever been interested in going behind the scenes and experiencing what it’s like to “live” as a Zombie (so to speak), for an afternoon or evening, then you can. The “Zombie Boot Camp” experience in Droitwich takes you backstage and shows you just a few tips and tricks about what it takes to become a “real life” un-dead creature prowling the derelict aftermath of a bio-hazard attack…

As part of this experience, you get to dress up in a variety of different costumes, depending on what kind of zombie you feel like portraying, and you can even switch it up from one experience to the next. They also add some much-needed blood and gore warpaint to seal the deal and make you truly feel like you want to feast on someone’s brains for dinner!

And don’t you worry, there’s plenty of “fresh meat” to go around. Especially when the armed forces patrol starts scouting and looking for trouble.. You get to jump out and grab at them to your un-dead heart’s content. Just don’t forget to make the scariest zombie snarls you can, you know, for full effect!

The Zombie Bootcamp Experience even offers you both sides of the action. You can either take part in the Zombie School event or you can be part of the Armed Forces side, if you prefer the idea of defending your comrades and country (or even just holding a weapon and firing lasers at the enemy Zombies).

It’s a friendly and versatile experience, whichever side you feel like being on, and there’s plenty of fun and action to go around. There are also other events besides the Zombie Boot Camp experience, which you can take part in. So, if you’re more of a fan of Aliens, for example, and don’t mind being out late in the dark.. then maybe that’s something for you?

They cater to group or corporate events as well, which I think is great, because the more the merrier, especially for a two-sided battle. During our experience, there was also a stag party who had the time of their lives (so to speak..!). It’s a brilliant event and very immersive and fun. It gets relatively physical, so be prepared to sweat a bit, if you’d like to be a zombie (or a soldier) for the day.

In case you’re interested in booking for this kind of experience, the details for the event are on the website “Zombie Boot Camp”:



A Naturally Fabulous Book

Calling all fashion enthusiasts and Queer Eye fans! Tan France released his autobiography, Naturally Tan, earlier this year and, as a fan of the show, I naturally had to go out and read it. And oh boy am I glad that I did! I thoroughly enjoyed Tan’s stories and anecdotes, particularly his references to the other boys on the show, which I was watching in parallel to reading his book.

Tan starts off describing his childhood and upbringing in South Yorkshire, England, along with his family life and school friends, and describes what it was like growing up as a South Asian person in the United Kingdom. It was very interesting to read about his perspectives and life experience growing up as a minority in his home country and how this impacted the friendships and relationships he had.

He goes on to describe his early career and how he came to land in the USA, where he ultimately met his partner and husband. While at times life wasn’t always easy for him, the way Tan portrays his travels and escapades, as a young man finding his way in the world, sounds absolutely exciting and thrilling!

Inevitably the story turns towards the Fab 5 and how Tan France came to find himself as a fifth of a hit new TV show! The dynamic between the boys on the show is fun and playful, and you can immediately tell they must be good friends in real life, to have the kind of close relationship they do on the show or on set. The friendship and camaraderie just shines through the camera and into real life.

Tan’s writing style is very emotive and natural (sorry to use that word again, but it’s true!) His writing style is similar to his speaking style. So, it felt like I could almost hear him saying the words as I was reading them, which added a level of closeness to his stories. It almost felt like he was relating a story to a friend over coffee or lunch.

Needless to say, once I picked up Tan France, Naturally Tan, I couldn’t put it down. I had only started watching the show recently, but oh my gosh, I’ve been hooked ever since! Being able to read Tan’s autobiography, at the same time as watching Queer Eye, felt like the best complimentary experience I could’ve had. I’m so grateful to have had the privilege of being able to dive into Tan’s world and experience a little bit of his life and perspective for those 264 pages he’s shared with us. Now that I’ve finished his story, I just want to pick it up again and start all over from the beginning! It definitely was Fab, times 5.

So, if you’re a fan of Queer Eye and, like me, can’t wait for the next season to start (and haven’t read Tan France’s autobiography yet), go on and pick up a copy of his book and give it a read. It won’t disappoint!

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